Batala New York 

is now FogoAzul NYC Brazilian Womens Drumline, Samba Band, Marching Band. 

Batala NYC has disbanded!  
We are now FogoAzul NYC
NYC’s only all women Samba Band, Marching Band, and Drumline.

Women Drummers


About Our Director

Artistic Director, Stacy Kovacs
Stacy hails from sunny Orchard Park, NY where she grew up playing piano and taking tap dance lessons at age 5 and percussion at age 8. She was in many different musical organizations throughout her youth, and eventually learned trombone. With her trombone she played jazz with Dick Clark’s American bandstand show for high school students, marched up Main Street USA at Disney World, Orlando, FL, and was a participant in the 1993 opening ceremonies of the World University Games. Stacy then took her trombone to Michigan State University where she majored in Marching Band (actually, Physiology), and had opportunities to play at two NCAA Final Four basketball tournaments, 3 BCS Bowl Games (including the Aloha Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii), and countless other events. Stacy then pursued graduate school and in the process put music aside. Fortunately, her training brought her to NYC in 2005 where she picked up the trombone again and joined the Big Apple Corps Marching band and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra. Missing the drumming she did as a child, she found Samba NY! and Philip Galinsky who showed her the ways of Brazilian percussion. Playing at NYC Brazilian Day 2011, she met MUNDO Batala and was instantly captivated by the rhythms of samba reggae. It was no turning back for Stacy as she pursued the opportunity to start a NYC chapter of Batala. After nearly 5 years of directing Batala NYC, Stacy closed Batala shop and started her own group caled FogoAzul NYC. You can find Stacy and follow her at NYC’s only all Women Drumline, Marching Band, and Samba Band!

Want to drum?

FogoAzul NYC wants YOU!
Women who wish to join are welcome regardless of prior experience. We give you the drums, sticks and belts in exchange for a security deposit. There is a $25 monthly fee associated, which covers the costs of running the band! Click the box below for more info.

Be A Badass Woman Drummer!